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eeek, a meme: 5 things about me

Ages ago I was tagged by the lovely ximena, (whose fantastic lobstersquad is one of my favorite blog reads) to participate in the “5 things about me” meme. Sometimes I wonder if I overextend my internet life and maybe there…

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meme: five things to eat before you die (yikes!)

I was tagged by Linda of Kayak Soup for the food meme that’s been making the blog rounds: 5 things to eat before you die. Melissa at the Traveller’s Lunchbox notes that the five items “should definitely be things you…

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recipe meme

Tania from the Candied Quince tagged me for this recipe meme. Above is just a small portion of my cookbook collection. From where do you obtain the recipes you prepare? I LOVE recipes! I have many recipe books that I…

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more meme: 7 things

I got back from my 1 week trip yesterday and I’ve got nothing culinary to whip up & tell the tale. I was tagged by both Poco-Cocoa and Milk & Honey for the 7 things meme while I was away,…

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meme: my favorite foods

I was tagged by Tanvi for the “name your 10 favorite foods” meme. I remember asking Cornelius before we dated what his favorite food was and he replied “flour”. I can’t believe I married this boy. my favorite foods: 1.…

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