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a very loaded tater: roasted sweet potato with spiced chickpeas, steamed broccoli & a lemony tahini sauce

Fall meals sound dreamy. Who doesn’t love that inherently cozy autumnal vibe that only a butternut squash risotto or a chocolate chip pumpkin loaf can give? It makes me want to pull up my tall wooly socks and don my adorable…

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party times: sweet, spicy & salty party mix

I love snacks. I remember having a friend in University who hated the word – she’d repeat it over and over until it did sound like the most totally ridiculous word ever. Still, I love snacks and I won’t belittle the concept…

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a warm hug: tomato-apple dal

Usually the transition into a new year brings a bit of stress. Maybe I set my goals and expectations too high or maybe I just feed off the stress of others. But not this year. I made a couple simple…

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hello, awesome party time with huaraches!

Last winter while exploring the quaint little city of Victoria, BC, I stumbled into a hidden away Mexican restaurant called Hernande’z and discovered my new favorite dish – huaraches. Then a few months later, I found myself in Fort Greene,…

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tangy lemon smashed chickpea salad

Last night I had cooked up a pot of chickpeas, drained them and put them in the fridge. I had no immediate plans but figured I’d use them in a soup or stew sometime in the next few days. But…

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pepper & onion fajita wraps

Years ago when I still lived in Ontario I met someone who would eventually turn into one of my closest friends. We worked in the same record store, listened to the same music and wore the same thrift store clothes.…

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