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pear & ginger vegan scone

I make scones quite often on the weekends. It’s a nice diversion from oatmeal or granola and it makes the house smell like a bakery which is as close the the heavenly ideal as I can get. This Saturday morning,…

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bold green beans

When I get green beans, I usually end up making my usual snacking lemon-garlic beans. I LOVE them so much that I’m starting to see green beans in a one-track kind of light. When I got some beautiful, crazy long…

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beets in vinaigrette

It’s just a couple of days until the end of summer. As much as I’d love to cozy up in a cardigan or bundle up under the covers with a cup of tea, I must say that I am loving…

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csa farm fresh salad

We haven’t been doing much grocery shopping lately. It’s too hot and we’re not lucky enough to live in a neighbourhood with one of those fancy air-con supermarkets. While there is appeal to standing in front of a popsicle fridge…

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chopped vegetable salad with zesty ranch dressing

Just as I had hoped, summer is back. Two days of grey skies and rain is okay by me and it’s more than good for all the gardens and farms out there too. But I’m so happy to have back…

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farm fresh dinner: new potatoes, braised greens and a beet salad

This weekend we got out into the country. On Saturday there was a hike to Lindeman Lake (don’t listen to your guidebook, it’s definitely not “easy”) and afterward, there was time to check out a few local farm markets. I…

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