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a new tradition: salted white chocolate candy cane popcorn

It’s Christmas eve and finally ready to start my holiday baking. Last minute, maybe? Definitely. But I’m okay with that. My favourite Chex mix is in the oven toasting. I’m about to make tiramisu for the first time. And I…

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happy christmas to you: candy cane crisp bark

One of my favorite Christmas traditions to make is candy cane bark. White chocolate + candy canes is a cinch to make, very festive-looking and it’s always appreciated. This year, I decided to shake things up a bit…

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christmas cake: icebox peppermint yule log

My mother-in-law had asked me to make a dessert for our Christmas dinner and with so many things to do over the holidays, I wanted something without much fuss. I also wanted something kind of spectacular and festive looking. While…

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minty fresh: candy cane chocolate bark

What’s the easiest thing to make for the holidays? Candy cane chocolate bark! Two ingredients, chocolate and candy canes. What could be simpler? Not much. * I also make this very successfully with mixed nuts. I just add a similar…

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